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Remote Qualified Electronic Signature with 50% discount

2021-11-29 eSignatures HARICA


Following the high demand for eSignatures, HARICA decided to extend the discount period till the end of February 2022.

Why use a Qualified Electronic Signature?

Use the electronic signature to digitally sign documents (PDF) and ensure the authenticity and integrity of their content. Since legally binding (cross-border in the European Union) you can use the electronic signature in:

  • Contracts (sales, employment, lease, insurance, etc.)
  • Transactions (e-commerce, online banking, tenders, etc.)
  • Administrative procedures (requests to public sectors, etc.)

Offer information

The offer is valid from 1/12/2021 until 31/01/2022 and is addressed to professionals, e.g. engineers, lawyers, notaries, etc. The offer is about the purchase of a Remote Qualified Electronic Signature with 1-4 years validity period.

Get the offer

The interested party must contact support@harica.gr stating his/her business details. Then, he/she will receive a 50% discount coupon, which he/she can use when completing the order.

University of Athens – Network Operation Center
Panepistimiopolis Ilissia
Postcode: 157 84 Athens, Greece
HARICA is the Hellenic Academic & Research Institutions Certification Authority. It participates in all major Global "ROOT CA" Trust Programs, and operates as a "Trust Anchor" in widely used Application Software and Operating Systems.
It has received a successful Conformance Assessment Report fulfilling the requirements of Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (also known as eIDAS) in the areas of "Qualified" Certificates for electronic Signatures/Seals, website authentication, and "Qualified" Timestamps.